This International Sports Arbitration Moot Court course is the perfect challenge for true sports law enthusiasts.

Two groups of students will face each other in this exciting challenge. The groups, playing the role of plaintiff or defendant, will be assisted by lawyers of unquestionable international prestige during the whole arbitration procedure, up to the point where they must step up and defend their case before a real arbitration panel at the seat of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (Switzerland).

This course, highly innovative and unique, will allow its students to live a real and unsurpassable sports arbitration experience.


Provide its participants with an educational experience based on the practice of the arbitration proceedings brought before the CAS, seated in Lausanne, Switzerland.

At the end of the course the participats:

  • Be knowledgeable of the essential elements of the arbitration proceedings before the CAS.
  • Acquire skills of teamwork and design of legal procedural strategy.
  • Acquire knowledge of drafting pleadings before the arbitration tribunals or chambers.
  • Acquire dialectic and rhetoric skills in their interventions before the Panel of Arbitrators.

In sum, this formative experience is essentially intended to prepare its participants for future proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


The course is designed so that participants can access it from anywhere in the world.

Each edition of the course will be composed of two unique groups of five students each, each group playing the role of plaintiff or defendant.

In the first session in which the academic coordinators will introduce all the members of the edition of the course and proceed to create the two groups of five students. During the first session, each group is assigned a tutor or support lawyer. Also during this first session, each group will provide the background to the case and evidentiary material which will be used to defend their respective claims. Once the first session is held, a term will be established for the group who acts as the plaintiff to submit the request for arbitration. Once the request for arbitration is submitted by the first group, the second group will file their reply and so on, until the arbitration concludes in its first phase.

For this first phase, each group will have an online forum and periodic tutorials with the assigned support lawyer in order to design strategies and to seek advice and expertise on the content of the various writings and pleadings.

The forums will allow remote access of all members of the group and the tutoring will allow teleconferences to all members of the respective group with their tutor. After the first phase concludes with the filing of the relevant documentation, the parties will be summoned to a hearing to be held at the seat of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne before a panel of arbitrators. The hearing will be attended by the five students of each group alongside their support lawyer and the hearing will develop according to the usual procedure, with opening statements from each group, the evidentiary proceedings and final intervention. After the conclusion of the hearing, the arbitrators and support lawyers will express their views and considerations on the involvement of each group.

One month after the conclusion of the hearing, the panel shall render an award that will end the dispute which will be notified to each group. The day of the CAS hearing a gala dinner will be held with the assistance of all the students, lawyers and arbitrators.

Each edition of the course will have two groups that will litigate in Spanish and two English groups litigated.