To say that this course has some of the most prestigious professionals in the world of international sport law is no exaggeration.

All of our professional team has accredited and abundant experience in ordinary and appeal proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport based in Lausanne, either in their role as arbitrators, counsel to the Court or as lawyers who have represented and defended the interests of their clients before arbitration panels.

Although the entirety of the faculty members has achieved success and professional excellence, they participate in this course with eagerness certifying that none of them has lost their enthusiasm for further learning and teaching.

Find out more about the profile of each of the faculty members and their opinions about the course:

José Juan Pinto Sala Michele Bernasconi Efraim Barak Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez Lucas Ferrer Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Díaz-Obregón & Rodrigo Arias Grillo

José Juan
Pintó Sala

“This course is a great opportunity for students to live a real experience in international sports arbitration”

The prestigious legal directory Chambers has included José Juan Pintó Sala among the top 13 lawyers in Spain in light of his international sports law expertise. Again, we're proud to say this course counts with the active participation of the only two Sports Law specialists included in such directory. José Juan Pintó Sala treasures abundant experience in Commercial and Corporate Law which gives him a multidisciplinary overview and understanding of Sports Law, making him an undisputed authority on International Sports Law.

Member of the prestigious law firm Pintó Ruiz & Valle, he's acted as arbitrator or counsel to CAS in over 250 arbitrations. Brilliant arbitrator, bold negotiator, extraordinary lawyer, and top-notch professor in sports law are some of the adjectives that have being stated of him by the Chambers Europe Guide. Having José Juan as one the arbitrators of this course is, without any doubt whatsoever, a real treat.


Michele Bernasconi is without a shred of doubt one of the elite names of the international sports law world. His great work as a CAS arbitrator since 2002 has helped him become one of the most appointed arbitrators and, simultaneously, a specialist in highly complex and significant cases. It is no coincidence that he has participated in the resolution of cases as relevant as the Matuzalem case, the USADA vs. IOC and BOC vs. WADA regarding the controversial "Osaka rule" that the IOC wanted to implement, the case of American sprinter Justin Gatlin, the case of Italian rider Alessandro Petacchi or the German Olympic multi-medalist Claudia Pechstein, among many others. Recently, Michele Bernasconi was part of the list of 12 arbitrators selected for the CAS Ad Hoc Division of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In addition to his work as a arbitrator Michele Bernasconi develops his career in the Swiss firm Bär & Karrer AG, recently named by the prestigious legal directory Chambers' as the “Best Legal Firm in Switzerland”, where he regularly advises international federations, clubs and world-class athletes. The opportunity of having Michele Bernasconi in this course is a real privilege.

Efraim Barak

“When I first intervened before the CAS as a lawyer representing a party, I had no prior knowledge or experience about the way that procedures were managed. Having the possibility to experience the true sense of handling a case before CAS before bringing a real case for the very first time is of outmost importance for any lawyer, certainly facilitating the understanding of these procedures which will generate the difference between a lawyer and a truly experienced sports lawyer”

Efraim Barak is partner of the prestigious law firm D. Mirkin & Co. in Tel Aviv. He counts with over 20 years’ experience in the field of sports law. We can proudly say without the slightest doubt that we are before one of the biggest names in the international sports law world.

Efraim has been a CAS arbitrator for the last 8 years, participating in over 150 arbitrations in which we have, among others, relevant cases such as the Contador case, internationally known case where Efraim presided the panel; the Poveda case which was the first case dealing with the manipulation of sporting events before the CAS, and the famous Messi case concerning the club's obligation to release players for the Olympic Games. In addition to his extensive experience as an arbitrator and as a lawyer, Efraim also participates very actively in the academic and educational world which makes his participation in this project a real treat.

Juan de Dios
Crespo Pérez

“For novice or experienced lawyers, this is the course required for a comprehensive understanding of CAS procedures and a real dive into the sports arbitration practice. Don’t miss it!”

Recently, the prestigious legal directory Chambers has included Juan de Dios Crespo among the 13 best lawyers in Spain in light of his international sports law expertise. This course can proudly say it counts with the only two Sports Law specialists included in such directory.

The career of this brilliant lawyer has always been linked to Sports Law and is currently considered one of the best lawyers in the world before the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This polyglot and restless lawyer (who speaks five languages), has appeared in over 180 arbitrations before the CAS representing clubs, players and federations; including sporting disputes considered true "leading cases" in the Sports Law such as the Webster and Matuzalem Case. Intelligent, shrewd, bold, and with and undisputable international recognition, he emphasizes his enthusiastic support and active participation in the genesis of this new format.

Lucas Ferrer

“Just as in football there is no better training than a match, in the world of sports law there is no better training than a course like this which gives you the opportunity to experiment with the highest dose of realism what it takes to carry out a case before a sports arbitration tribunal”

Lucas Ferrer is Partner of the prestigious law firm Pinto Ruiz & Del Valle and Head of its Sport Law Department. Counsel of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (Switzerland) for over four years. He's position on the CAS has allowed him to step in and provide advice over four hundred sports arbitrations. He counts with a unique experience, not only of the law applicable of the arbitrations in which he has intervened, but also on the procedural aspects of such procedures.

His talent and professional background sets him side by side with the renowned lawyers and arbitrators of the international sports law world. His extensive knowledge on arbitration procedures and of Swiss law constitutes an unquestionable contribution to this new format.

Alberto R. de Aguiar
Rodrigo Arias

“A unique experience that will allow the participants to work side-by-side with the best sports lawyers in the world, designing their winning strategy and defending it before truly active CAS sports arbitrators. A real must for anyone who desires to acquire the abilities and knowledge necessary to effectively litigate before the CAS”

Rodrigo Arias Grillo y Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Díaz-Obregón are both managing partners and co-founders of the specialized sports law firm Sportia Law, SL. They both share the passion of the academic world, lecturing and teaching in different graduate and post-graduate programs in the field of Sports and Entertainment Law, as for example ISDE's Full-Time Master in International Sports Law, ISDE's International Executive Program on Sports Law and Management, ISDE´s Executive Program on Sports Law ISDE-Unidad Editorial; as well as the MBA in Sports Management of Real Madrid´s International School.

In addition of having a strong academic and professional background, they possess a very creative and innovative profile which gives them the opportunity to design new formats that´ll provide fresher means of teaching and being up to date in the sports law world.

They are the creators of “The Real Sports Law Experience” and they will be in charge on the Academic Direction and Coordination of the program.